Saturday 19th January
from 8.00pm

The Bellemoor Tavern, Southampton


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Here's a quick history of how we got together in the first place and some stuff we've done since then:

  • Andy formed band, needed singer
  • Gav came to practise, could sing, joined band
  • Played gigs under some stupid name like Superstition
  • Everyone thought we were a Stevie Wonder covers band
  • Band split up
  • Gav, Andy and Rich formed a new band with drummer Shaun
  • Went to pub to think of new name
  • Rich suggested 'I want your muff in my face'
  • Drank more
  • Had hangover, became 'Hair Of The Dog'
  • Played loads of gigs including Rox On The Prom in Bognor, a beer festival in Lincolnshire, a few support gigs for larger bands, loads of pubs, more beer...
  • Gav left
  • Clint joined
  • Band split
  • Gav, Andy and Rich reformed...again
  • Played acoustic gigs for a couple of years
  • Gav left
  • .........nothing much
  • Gav phoned Andy
  • Drank more beer
  • Formed new band (well, two of us)
  • Called ourselves smoothmonkey
  • And then.... well, it’s still happening... Have a look at the news pages.

Think that's about it for now.